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Samsung Can Make More Than Phones (Mp3 Player)

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My Review of Samsung YP-P3

Introduction: This is my review of what I think is Samsung's best MP3 Player. It's full name is the Samsung YP-P3. This high quality product rivals the 5th generation iPod Nano. While it does not have a video camera or pedometer it has all the other features and more. Instead of going right to iPods one should consider other mp3 players such as this.

Size and Look: The size is perfect! It fits in your hand great. The screen shape is great for videos. Its look is very nice. My p3 has a nice deep black color complimented with a chrome bottom. It could almost be called a sexy device. The silver version looks good too but not as good as the black model (in my opinion).

Touch Screen: Yes, this not so mainstream mp3 player comes with a touch screen. This misleads many to thinking that it is competing with the iPod Touch. As I explained earlier, it is much more fitting to compare it to the iPod Nano. In any event, the touch screen is pretty good. It is not spot on but that is not necessary because all icons and menus are large enough to accurately select. It is a step below the iPod Touch but it is good enough.

Durability: What's the point of an mp3 player if it's broken? Nothing. Which is why I'm glad the p3 is durable. While I have not tested it to the point of breaking, I have dropped it a few times (not on purpose). It holds up to a lot of dropping without signs of damage. One problem is that the back of the player is rather soft; when pushing on it with a small amount of force, it dents. This of course is only cosmetic. Also, the power button on top can break and not react multiple times. By this I mean you must push it down many times to have the p3 react. Other than that this device is very durable

Update: By now I've submerged the p3 in water for around 5 seconds and it shows absolutely no signs of damage. I felt the need to add this because I feared I would need to purchase another, but due to this devices strength, no worries!

User Interface: The user interface of this mp3 player is very user-friendly. There are multiple styles/backgrounds and with one of them you can use one of your own pictures as the background. The first page you see is one of three or more pages containing icons and widgets. The icons bring you to sub menus such as music, videos, games etc. The widgets contain fun things like a notepad on which you can write notes displayed in the main menu pages. You can customize the user interface if you find different ucis. These ucis will change what the icons and backgrounds look like. Some examples of these are one that makes your menu look like an iPod or Zune HD.

Music Quality and Formats: The music quality is stunning. If you get a good enough source of music it will play it flawlessly. It supports the following formats FLAC, WMA, OGG, AAC, MP3 and comes with a software that will quickly convert it if needed. To truly experience the quality you need better headphones as the stock headphones will not truly give out the sound the mp3 player can. The yp-p3 also includes dnse settings that will change the sound of your music to something like rock, pop or concert hall.

Video Quality and Formats: This mp3 player has a AMOLED 3.0" screen. This makes it good for playing videos in good quality. There's not much to say about its video quality except in my opinion its better than the iPod Nano. For most formats you can change how the video fits the screen. It supports MPEG-4, WMV, H.264, AVI (DivX and XviD).

Text: Yes this mp3 player can read .txt files. This is an awesome feature which puts it above the iPod Nano. My favorite part of this is you can get books from sites like gutenberg.org and throw them right on your mp3 making it an e-reader too. You can change text size and the backgrounds with the capabilities to create a bookmark.

FM Radio: One of my favorite features. You can set your favorite stations and switch between them with a tap. This is a fun feature that can mix up your music when you want something new.

Games and Flash Player: The games it comes with are good but not amazing. But the big thing here is ...... the flash player. It's more than you think; you can play any simple .swf files on this. This means you can play a plethora of games and some flash videos. Because of the touch screen you have a lot of options for games. However, the touch screen is not always accurate making some games difficult to play. Either way there are many great games to take on the go (if you know where to look [I love Google]). Some examples are darts, tetris, bowman, copter and many more. Right now I have around 300 flash games all functional.

More Features: I feel I've left out a lot; there's so much in this small device but I'll try to get everything written in here. There is also picture viewing and slide show capabilities which are very nice but I don't feel the need to use much. And you can access a file browser giving you a windows explorer view of your mp3 players files. This is possible because files on the p3 can be easily dragged and dropped unlike iPods. No more feeling like your caught in the iTunes trap; if the player supports it drag and drop and bang! It's on there, also you can use the free iTunes like Emodio or Windows Media Player. Adding in a built-in microphone allows you to record your voice. The quality is surprisingly good, I was able to record me playing guitar and notes were clearly heard. The p3 includes a built-in speaker which sounds louder than the iPod touch and gives out an average quality sound. In addition, you can use bluetooth, syncing it with phones, headphones, and more. This is a nice feature that can be very convenient. Adding to the large list, you can add and update rss feeds right onto the p3 just by syncing it to emodio. Lastly, there are other convenient applications such as: a subway map, world clock, calendar, clock, alarm, calculator, and address book.

Conclusion: There is so much to this good-sized device. I feel it beats out the iPod Nano and Cowon S9 easily. The price when bought at the right place is very reasonable. This a worthwhile investment only beaten out by the iPod Touch and Zune HD. I recommend someone considering purchasing and anyone who already has this device to check out forums dedicated to it. Due to the frequent firmware updates and easy adaptability of the yp-p3 it can stand the test of time. This device shows that Samsung is a big competitor in mp3 players. Once again if your going to get an mp3 player this is a great choice.

Note: I have added a paragraph on durability

Update On Nov 16, 2010: Update: This goes under the "Durability" category

By now I've submerged the p3 in water for around 5 seconds and it shows absolutely no signs of damage. I felt the need to add this because I feared I would need to purchase another but due to this devices strength, no worries!