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Samsung D 807

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By joetterb on
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I am a huge Samsung Fan when it comes to their cellular phones, I can not tell you how many I have in a drawer in my room. When they come out with a new one that I like, I get it.

The Samsung D-807 I have in both colors, black and white. (I Prefer my phone to match my style)

The slide feature on this phone is what I fell in love with. Its so much easier to slide the phone up rather than other phones that flip. Or the traditional candy bar phone (Not feature just like a bar)

It is durable, it withstood being in a beach bag, being drowned with gatorade at the pool! I had no clue until I coudnt find my phone and discovered the disaster. I of course Had to let it dry out for about a week, but it still works, yes even the camera and video feature.

I live in an area that i have signal at my home but its not the best, the phone works good even when its cloudy for I am in alot of folage (trees) it has been the only phone I can take to my hometown and actually get signal with my celluar provider. (My hometown is in the backwoods, and they still thing that TDMA is the best! Can we say analog?

Any who, It has alot of features, that are great, downloading ringtones is easy. The buttons are not teenie tiny so even larger fingers wont mess up when dialing a number.

Mine, though it may be due to my wireless provider only had demo games, so I cannot vouch for that.

And over time, the battery seems to have a shorter and shorter life, thats my only downfall.

Its not big and gawky like a PDA but I feel stylish enough to carry it around proud like thise with PDA's do....

All and all I find it to be a great phone... I would recommend it. More fore those people that know a little bit about cell phones.