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Samsung Dlp Buy The Extended Warranty

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By 999frights on
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Prior to buying my Samsung DLP tv, I had a Toshiba that weighed about as much as an elephant on steroids. The Toshiba was not a bad tv at the time we purchased it, but I love the picture quality on the Samsung. I can watch tv and have a clear, crisp view. I looked at other tvs and felt this one has the best picture and was the best value. I use an HDMI cable and definitely recommend this for a crisper picture. It is worth purchasing this cable. For my DVD player, I have an S Video cable.

The TV only weighs about 90 pounds and it is not bulky like the older model tvs. Not that I'm moving it around a lot, but the few times we have had to move it, it is so light my wife can even handle it.

Here are my negatives.....If a store ever carries a defective item, I have a knack for always bringing that item home. Within 1 month of owning the tv, the sound went out. We have surround sound hooked up to the tv and would not have noticed, except for the fact that we were using a Nintendo Gamecube, directly into the tv - bypassing the surround sound. We contacted HiFi Buys and they sent someone out and replaced a sound board. Within a month, we heard another noise. Made another call to HiFi Buys and they replaced the entire tv - no hassles. We did not have to go through the manufacturer.

After owning the tv for just over a year, we now have another problem. There is a dark line or shadow going down the side of my Samsung DLP screen. It is transparent, but it is there. After doing some research, this is a known problem with the Samsung DLPs. From what I have read it is the light tunnel and possibly the light tunnel engine. I found a message board online where numerous people have this same issue. Now, this can happen with any tv - not just Samsung. I am out of my warranty, but feel that if it is a widespread problem, there should be a recall and Samsung should make it right.

I wish I would have bought the extended warranty and probably will in any future tv purchases. As the technology on these tvs increase, so much can go wrong.

I took a picture and you can see the black line going down the left side of the screen.

Update On Nov 25, 2008: Samsung did extend the warranty on the Light Tunnel Assembly. This past May, I heard a boom and the tv went out. The shadow was caused a mirror broken on the light tunnel. I called Samsung and they had a repair person come out. They replaced the entire light tunnel assembly and now the tv works and the shadow is gone.