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Samsung Gleam Cell Phone

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klkwid By klkwid on
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I've been the owner of a Samsung Gleam cell phone for the past year or so, so I can do a pretty good review of it. I put my cell phones through it all! This one has been durable, reliable, and the extra features make it an overall excellent value.

When I first bought it, my friends said things like, "nice looking phone", "oh you got a new phone AGAIN?", and "that one is cool". It IS a very cool looking phone, and I DO go through a lot of them. My phones have a history of being dropped off horses while I was riding, spending the night in the cold truck, not being charged correctly, etc. This one has gone through it all and then some, and it still works great! It is starting to show a little wear now in the keypad, but that's to be expected to a point with all the constant use it gets.

I do not use my land line anymore-in fact, the only reason I still have on is for emergencies. It's actually unplugged because of all the telemarketing calls, so the cell phone gets all the use. I use it constantly for calls, texting, internet connection, email to my normal email account, and music player (occasionally). It's on 24-7, and it only gets charged at night. The battery will last the entire day-I have forgotten to plug it in over night before, and it will last the second day, too, but it gets pretty close to the end of battery life by then with a good amount of use. (this is on the same battery for the past year, too) The tones are clear and have a good range of volume so you can hear the ringer if you need to or turn it way down so it's only audible if it's close to you. It has the vibrating function in case the sound needs to be off-that wokrs well, too. The screen is large and the numbers are huge when you dial. Internet connection on the Verizon network is very clear and fairly fast. Plenty of info available as far as weather, news, and even GPS! (The GPS is amazing, BTW) The MP3 player function is pretty good, but I mean, come on-it's a phone! The sound quality for the MP3 is only ok. It does store a lot of sounds, songs, and games, though, if you get the tiny disk for storage. (If I remember right it was about $20 and that allows you to store probably 10 times the amount if information.) The camera is crystal clear and your photos can be emailed to your email account for storage and printing. Of course, if yo ublow the pictures up A LOT, it will get fuzzy, but that's the same with any digital camera. These you can blow up to full size (3x5 or a little bigger) and have very minimal fuzz. The actual size of the phone is pocket-friendly and thin-very easy to carry around. The size of the number pad is ok-not too small, but not really big either. There is no "keyboard", but the number/letter dialing has an ok response, so it is fairly easy to send short texts. Not a good phone if you send emails or long texts to friends-I'd say I do about medium sized texts (a sentence or two).

This phone has outlasted any other phone I've had in a long time-I sincerely recommend this phone to you if you have a busy lifestyle that demands you carry it around constantly and use the heck out of it!