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Samsung Glyde

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By brawnyman on
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My first impression of this phone was "wow this is nice". But then after a couple weeks I said to myself "What was I thinking?" Due to the heat-sensitive touch-screen, the screen was reacting to any form of heat that it came in contact with. For example, the heat of my thigh when it was in my pocket made it do random things. After a while it became impossible to perform basic tasks with the phone such as making a call.

Then, after months of struggle, Verizon came out with a new model with a new touch screen. Loved it. They changed the touch screen so it reacts to pressure instead of heat. MOST of the problems were solved.

Anyway, on to the review (on the new model)

When I got the new model, I was immediately impressed because of my impression of the phone at the time. It went from the disobedient bull-dog to the golden retriever. Touch screen was great. One of the major cons though, is its occasional decision to shut off right before you send a message. Happens once, maybe twice a day. The reception is typical Verizon, standard coverage almost everywhere. The menus are easy to figure out. The phone itself though, isn't one for the fashion runway. It looks very plain and boring on the outside, but is adequate on the inside.

I recommend this phone to people who text alot and who don't want to spend lots of money on a phone