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Samsung Gravity

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I've had several different types of phones throughout my life, and this Samsung Gravity is one of the better ones. I have a habit of dropping my phone, and every time I do that, they usually break immediately. But I've dropped this phone a dozen times, and it still works perfectly fine. This shows that it was built to last. Also, it has a nice slide-out keyboard, which is handy for me, as I text pretty often. It's much faster than the usual keypads. It has a pretty good camera, as the pictures that I take are pretty clear. It also has a nice battery life. It usually can go for a week or so before I need to recharge it. The main problem with it is its memory capacity. It can only hold about thirty text messages before I need to start deleting some, which gets extremely annoying. I can't hold many songs, pictures, and videos on it either. But other than that, I still like it. It has nice colors: blue and white, which are my favorite combination. You also have many options for the background colors, the font colors, etc., so you can change the style often. I think this is a pretty decent phone, and would recommend it for anyone, especially teenagers.