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Samsung Instinct Sph M800

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Jorge Calderon By Jorge Calderon on
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When all my friends decided to upgrade there phones to the latest cellular devices, Touch Screens I said "WHY NOT"! I headed down to sprint and spotted the perfect specimin of a cell phone, The Samsung Instinct. It was so sleek, and shiny, I couldn't resist! I called over a clerk and she had me set up in know time. Now not only did I recieve great service but, A great price, $49.99 (with a new contract). The phone can play music, and has a music store with ratings on each song. The most important thing by far if you ask me is the all to great sprint navigaton, you can search businesses and recieve a number, a rating, an address, and even navigate To the destination (after navigating it checks for traffic conditions).That navigation wiggled me out of some bad direction situations! The internet browser is not the best, but it gets the job done. The 2.0 MP camera provides a clear, and exceptoinal picture, with a huge screen to point with.

I can now keep up with the latest technologie, and amazingly text so fast my fingers burn. Eventually all my friends decided my phone not only had the best service and durabilty but, It was also the best looking. So if your looking for a great phone to inpress your friends I would most definetly recommend the Samsung Instinct.

Dimensions: 4.57"(x)2.17"(x).48"

Wieght: Approx. 4.4 ounces