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Samsung Intensity Ii

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kalva505 By kalva505 on
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QWERTY Keyboard

I purchased this cell phone because I heard a lot of great reviews about it, and they are all true to their word! This is by far the best phone I have ever had.


- Service is great (Thanks Verizon!)

- Even with my excessive texting and screen-brightness on high, the battery life usually lasts around 3-6 days!

- The style is very adorable and fits perfectly in my Jean pockets

- Phone is always reliable - whether it's raining and has little droplets of water on it, or overheated from the scorching sun, I am always able to make a call or send a quick text

- QWERTY keyboard is arranged in a way that makes it very quick and easy to send a text. The letters, numbers, and special characters are put in order of 4 layers (top, mid 1, mid 2, and bottom), not scattered all over like some other phones

- I love how I am able to choose from 3 different themes ( Slick Black, Planet, or my personal favorite Pond)

- Samsung Intensity II allows me to customize almost everything about the phone. Volume level, ringtones, wallpaper, Front clock color / size / appearance, personal banner, E.R.I. banner, signature, Text Message file arrangements (by Contact or Time received), and a bunch more. I do realize that most phones include these features, but this phone in particular makes it much more exciting to edit and personalize your phone


- I, unfortunately, am a clumsy one, and drop my phone every once in a while. When it does hit the ground, I notice the dents and scratches are fairly deep in the phone's outer layer. It might be that I'm tall and the force is greater when it lands, or it's just not built for a reckless person. If you are that type, I would recommend you buy a leather or durable plastic case

- There is a button on the upper right side, that if you press brings up a Voice Command screen. Once pressed, a woman's voice says very loudly (especially when on Vibrate Mode) "Please wait.... Please say a Command" This feature is very obnoxious. I always accidently press this button while I'm in my classes, and get very embarrassed or in trouble. My advice to anyone who owns this phone and attends school is to keep phone off, or lock keyboard (Hold down 0 for approx. 2-3 seconds)

- As in mostly any phone: If you drop, get wet, or overheat this phone it will need about 5-10 minutes to cooldown (shade, dry off, or take out battery and put back in)

Overall, this phone is very reliable, adorable, and well-working. In my opinion, it is a very good match for adolescents. If you have, say a construction job, I would strongly recommend to always keep a sturdy case on this phone. I'm pretty sure they make waterproof cases, so if you work by a lake or any source of water this might be something to look into.