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Samsung Is Worth The Money.

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I was planning to buy a good LCD TV for my kids' room. The room is not that big, so I am thinking of buying somewhere in between 30" to 37". Before that, I tried to checked on reviews and comments on the diffirent LCD TVs out there in the market, those pro and cons. I checked diffirent stores online for thier stocks and special prices (i want to do these first rather than go to the store straightaway, that will be a waste of time and gas to go to the store and just rely on the sweet talks of the salespersons there). Anyway, I found a couple of TV that is in a good price, I compare prices from diffirent stores, and I found a store that selling LCD TVs with good prices. OK, first of all, I am a big Sony fan when it comes to video devices, so I am thinking of buying a Sony Bravia, I found one for CAD$628 + tax. The features are good, with 3 HDMI to hook up some digital video players. When I got to the store, I noticed the Samsung TV there which got a crystal crisp pictures with beautiful sorround sounds, I noticed an LG TV as well beside that Samsung TV and I compared the picture, and the Samsung TV is by far more clearer than LG. The Samsung TV got a tag price of CAD$618 + tax, when I asked the salesperson on that TV, he said that it is a 2010 model and he can give it to me for $598 + tax, so I think about it first, I checked for the features, sounds, display and ease of use. Perfect and for a lower price, I thinked I am getting a sweet deal. So, I grabbed one and installed it at my kids' room. Lo and Behold, my kids love it, they said that the picture is almost life like, and when they hook up thier PS3, then the fun part began. superb display, high quality sorround sounds.. this LCD TV is really sweet. Its really worth my money.