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Samsung M520 Cell Phone

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When I finally decided to join the 21st century and buy my first cell phone four years ago, we got the first free one that came with a plan. The plan had more minutes than I would ever use since most of my conversations would consist of "do you need anything from the grocery store?" or "yes, turn right at the light, honey." That phone served its purpose, but when I looked at what other people's phones could do and how pretty they were I decided I wanted an upgrade. And four years later, I did (my conversations haven't changed much). I bought the Samsung M520 and I am satisfied with it.

What I like about my M520 is that it is a slider phone that keeps me from accidentally pushing and scratching buttons. I also like having a workable interface on a large screen. The menu buttons are easy to read and I don't have to push five or six options just so I can add something new to the calendar or take a photo.

And speaking of photos, the M520 has a nice little vanity mirror next to the camera lens so you can focus better when taking those self-portraits or buddy pictures with you and Cher should you meet her down the street. There is also a camcorder feature for the next time you and Cher do karaoke together and want proof that she liked your version of "I Got You, Babe". And with a slot for a micro SD memory card (it comes with a 64 megabyte card) you can save that performance.

If you feel like sharing that performance, the web-based functions will allow you to e-mail your best friend and talk about it. Of course, without a full QWERTY pad it may take awhile, but at least you can can connect to the internet and send an e-mail off or check scores and top news if you are stuck in line somewhere.

My only warning is that if you become addicted to using all the features, your battery can run down pretty quick. Don't get stuck on the web or you will find yourself unable to call anyone for help!

The M520 is the perfect phone for someone who wants a step up from a Katana but doesn't need a watered-down Blackberry.Some people's phones are entirely too complicated to be phones and resemble mini-computers with buttons too small to navigate with. It is a beautiful phone with an easy interface and just enough options to keep you busy but not frustrated.