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Samsung Moment, Such A Good Phone

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I got this phone as a replacement to my Pocket PC. Usually I'll go in store for Sprint but when I ordered this online, I was skeptical. Normally when I don't research a phone hard, I get something I'm not completely satisfied with. But luckily I found the perfect one.

Its size is great; I can easily slide it into my pocket. And what makes it better than my old phone is that it's slim and won't fall out of my pocket!

The phone's appearance is very high tech; it has black backing with silver detailing. The silver beautiful, like chrome! It has a small rectangular cut out in the back for the camera and it has five silver buttons. The buttons are for call, end, volume, camera, and voice control. Voice control is used basically for commanding the phone by voice.

The battery life is good, it last for 5 or 6 hours without charging. I haven't tried it without using it for a day (except for calls) but it's good enough for me.

The keyboard is great; I use it all the time! I find it to be better than the on-screen keyboard because my typing is always faster on the QWERTY. It's black with white and blue backlight.

The durability is so-so. Because the QWERTY keyboard slides out, I believe the phone could easily be broken if sat on or stepped on. But if the QWERTY is in, the phone should last if dropped or sat on, but I don't know if stepped on.

The display is the best thing about this phone! The colors "pop" off the screen and it's like everything is in HD. This was surprising when I got the phone and I couldn't believe my eyes! The display is large with a size of 4.5x2. This is perfect and you can scroll a webpage with your finger, which is cool.

The extra feature I like the most is the internet. I can get internet almost anywhere, anytime and it comes with Google. I only use Google occasionally, so instead I use mobile Yahoo. You can also play Youtube with the Youtube application and it's cool. The sound quality excellent, but the video quality could be better. The phone has email, but I couldn't sign up because I didn't have a Pro Yahoo! mail account. This made me mad as I believe its Google's way of forcing you to create an email account with them. The Android market is a store where you can buy apps for your phone; I've bought a few which are cool. They're like accessories for your phone, but I haven't explored them in depth yet, because I got the phone six days ago.

This phone is very reliable; I haven't had one call dropped!

The reception is alright, it depends on where I am, but most of the time I get 2 or 3 bars.

Overall, this is the best phone I've bought so far. I would recommend this phone for the Android, internet and display. Young people will especially like this phone for the style and looks.

Update On Mar 06, 2010: The phones signal and EVDO is bad. The EVDO is worse than the signal, so you won't get an internet connection or Android connection. (EVDO is the connection Sprint uses to the Internet). I always restart the phone and that usually helps, but if it EVDO doesn't work after restarting it call Sprint. Also the phone has orientation, which means when you turn the phone vertically or horizontally the screen changes in return.

Update On May 05, 2010: This phone also has a cool trackball that allows you to scroll between icons and drop-downs on screen. I don't use it alot, still preferring the touchscreen, but it is cool. If you press it down, it'll "click" and open a new screen or window.

This phone has voice control and with that you can say a name, number, or an app that you want to open by voice. I've never tried it, but with other Sprint phones, it works wonders!

The app store is pretty cool. It has lifestyle, games, and software apps. The ones that I've bought are all free, I'm not sure about all of them, because I think they have 100s of them. Most are fun, however some can be boring, so download what you like and upload what you don't like.