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Samsung P2 Effective I Pod Touch Alternative.

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The Samsung P2 is probably one of the more well known alternatives to the iPod Touch, and when people DO hear about it, it is usually used in comparison with the iPod Touch. There are a few flaws and good qualities for it.

Perhaps the best quality about it is the touch screen, which you can control by swiping your finger vertically and horizontally across the screen. Little pressure is needed, so the screen will last quite a long time, given that it doesn't come into frequent contact with sharp objects. Things like tape will not hinder the touch sensitivity much. The majority of the fun lies within the functions of the touch screen. Of course, it has basic little things like selecting songs and scrolling down pages, but there's also a few more commands you might not know about. For instance, one could change what the horizontal stroke does while playing music. It could skip a whole song forward, skip 10 seconds, etc. You can change the volume with a vertical stroke. Holding down the "next song" button allows you to seek more precisely. The touch screen will usually keep you busy for a while on your first use.

The user interface is another great thing the P2 provides. One, there are three different menu choices you can have, Cosmos (which is the one you usually find in advertisements; very pretty), My Skin, which focuses on your actual pictured background (yes, you can actually use your own custom background), and Matrix, which organizes all the menu items closely together so you can navigate more quickly. Music playback features the band name, album name, and song name, and you can also navigate through various features while listening. Some of the features include the album art, and three different types of visuals.

Other features included on the P2 include an FM radio player, calendar, a .txt (ebook) reader, a world clock, and a photo viewer. Bluetooth is also supported, allowing you to use wireless Bluetooth headsets, speakers, etc.

Battery life clocks out at 35 hours for audio, and 6-7 hours for video. The size of the player is bigger than an iPod Nano, but smaller than an iPod touch/iPhone. The screen covers about 3/4ths the front of the player, which allows for widescreen video viewing.

Now, the bad parts. Much of the bad parts come from the the limits of drag-and-drop file transferring. Here are my major pet peeves for the YP-P2: It may NOT view ID3 tags correctly. Even though they did improve on album art compatibility, it STILL can't see it if you drag and drop the file in. Supported video playback files is EXTREMELY limited; MP4, WMV, and SVI formats. Sometimes WMVs are not recognized as videos at all. However, Samsung's included program, Media Studio 5 allows you to convert videos to .SVI format. Most of the files you probably will transfer to the P2 is by the Media Studio.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a quick solution and you're up for a standard iPod alternative, try the Samsung YP-P2. However, if you would rather have better and more stable features, shell out the extra money for the iPod touch.