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Samsung Slyde (Glyde)

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Stephen Kelly By Stephen Kelly on
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The Samsung Slyde/Glyde is possibly the worst 'advanced' cell phone on the market. I purchased this phone in May of 2009.

Let me tell you about some of the features on it. It has Blue tooth capabilities, (which don't work). It has a built-in MP3 player, (which doesn't work). It has a camera, as most cell phones do nowadays, (which has horrible picture quality).

The quality of the calls, are less than stellar. There is a lot of 'dead air'. Call drops happen quite frequently. Now, I understand that may be because of the cell carrier, but after all, I'm on one of the best carriers in Canada, Telus. However, that's not saying much, as a GOOD cell carrier in Canada doesn't exist.

The Samsung Slyde/Glyde does have one good feature: It supports micro SD cards. So, I expanded my storage up to 4 GB. Which, is rather futile, because I couldn't play any of my MP3s. I could however store the countless numbers of low quality pictures I'd taken.

The only really good feature of this phone is the slide out QWERTY keyboard, for texting. Sending a text message isn't a problem, though receiving one isn't always as fast as one would like it.

I guess the only real positive thing about this phone, is that it only cost me $39.00 on a one year plan. It didn't take me too long to figure out why it was such a great price. Clearly no one is buying it. I suppose the word got out about this phone.... I just didn't hear about it until it was too late. So, take my advice, and steer clear of this substandard phone. The Samsung Slyde/Glyde is a waste of money.