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Samsung Syncmaster 173 T Dvi On The Cheap

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By miko on
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Back in the day, I wanted to purchase a 17" DVI LCD monitor for myself. Deciding Samsung was a good bet, I went towards them and got the 173T model, which is their Syncmaster line of LCDs. Cut to three years later, and I still think it was the right choice.

First of all, the monitor looks nice. Samsung is notorious for making monitors with great bezel aesthetics and the 173T didn't disappoint. The buttons on the front are tactile and respond well, and after years of pressing, don't show and noticeable wear and tear on the paint. The bottom stand is wide and sturdy, and is a great place to put cell phones and electronics to charge them (which is what I do). The screen also has a pivot hinge, so you can read things in portrait mode if that's your thing. The options to change the brightness and contrast are not out of the ordinary, but I don't keep them set to too high, as this thing can light up a house at max level (also, its not very good for burn-in fyi).

Text is crisp and sharp, and the DVI makes Cleartype the only way to go. Gaming was a pleasant surprise as well, as there was almost NO ghosting visible, even after using a great 17" Viewsonic CRT. The 25ms rating is definitely an overstatment by Samsung, as it plays much lower than that. The viewing angles are awesome for the panel, as colors and the picture are seen well into the 120 degree range both horizontal and vertical, but any higher will be a little weird, as with most monitors (and probably a good sign you should move your computer chair).

Overall, I spent a little more for this monitor with LCD prices crashing down recently. However, I do not regret a single penny, as I've had countless upgrades to my computers and this Samsung Syncmaster 173T has never made me want to switch ever.