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Samsung T220 Hd Pc Monitor

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T220hd Computers Samsung Pc Display

Within the market of Televisions, there's no question about Samsung and there obvious lead against the competition. I could honestly tell, even before purchasing a Display from Samsung, that I was not to be disappointed. This monitor received countless high reviews on the TigerDirect website, as well as Amazon, Newegg, Consumer Reviews, the choice was obvious after a bit of light research. The monitor itself, when looking at it in a purely decorative sense, is beautiful. The "Touch of Color" design, black piano gloss finish, the hidden speakers, and the touch screen power button, it was quite the work of art even before plugging it in.

PC Monitor

When this model is used as a computer monitor, it functions as expected. The resolution is 1680x1050 Native, but can be set up to 1920x1080, which is full HD. The color depth and contrast are beautiful, making any movies and games you may watch on your pc look nearly as perfect as they would on a 50" Samsung HDTV, but the compactness and universal function of the monitor make it a top of the line monitor, in any sense. When playing games at high resolution, this monitor has a separate set of settings set aside that compares to "Game Mode" on a larger model Samsung HDTV, the contrast is sharp and intense, and the field of depth that this monitor creates in certain games is immense, with the monitor kept at eye level and close enough to capture your field of view, you will feel surrounded by the environment presented by the monitor, and even certain movies, if played in high definition, will look crisper and more detailed than any other HD Brand today. This is in reference to any Samsung, as I have lost myself in the brands ability to create rich and colorful environments, while other top brands would appear shameful in comparison.


This monitor is uniquely equipped with a built in High Definition cable input, requiring no additional converter box to accept Analog, Digital, and HD Digital tv signals. The upconversion on Analog channels, to be honest, is not that good, but as with any upconversion, on any HDTV, the preferred signal is Digital, therefore any HDTV won't have high quality Analog stations. The channels that are Digital however, come in beautifully. The resolution for the highest definition digital signal is 1080i, as 1080p is too expensive for cable companies to be able to transmit it throughout the country. But I am completely satisfied with the quality of the picture, and the channels that are given free. And yes, even if you do not pay your cable bill, there are at least 7 channels that come in completely free "Over the Air", when you switch to Air mode. This is basically just a bonus feature, as the grand majority do have at least basic cable. The sound quality for this model and mostly any Samsung TV with built in speakers, is mediocre, as to say you won't be revolted by how tinny and weak the speakers are, they are certainly not terrible, they can just easily be surpassed by installing a A/V (Surround Sound) System, but if you are planning on using the built in speakers, don't expect Audiophile quality, they can be loud and full sounding, and they'll do the job, but as far as playing music or enjoying the rumbling bass of an action movie, they would obviously not cut it.


This monitor has been my main computer monitor along with a 50" Plasma from Samsung, this compares in quality to the plasma, and if I could have picked up a larger version of the T220HD I would have, but in this case, Samsung has crafted a work of art that crams 1, 000 functions into one monitor. I would HIGHLY recommend it. And I think it is worth mentioning that I was never a fan of Samsung, until I purchased this monitor and my plasma screen, the company has proved itself to me quite fully, and I will remain devoted to the company as far as my television purchases go, until they prove otherwise, which I doubt will ever happen.