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Samsung Yp P2 : A Deeper Look In

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By 1337p1ra73 on
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Personally, I am a very loyal and proud customer of Samsung electronics. The YP-P2 is no exception to this case. I bought it in Korea only a couple months after it came out and was very satisfied with it. Probably the best characteristic of the P2 is its usability. I found it very easy and also addicting to scroll up and down my list of artists. While it was sort of awkward at first, since the touch screen concept was still somewhat new when I got this MP3 player, you get used to it after a day or two and then your on your way to showing off your very unique MP3 player to your friends. After all, who really cares if you have an iPod?

The ability to bluetooth to your phone and make/take calls from the YP-P2 is super cool. However, I feel that it is undeveloped because the connection doesnt seem to work well, or atleast for me. Sometimes it would connect for a long time while other times it would disconnect soon after. Also, you can play games with other people via bluetooth, but good luck finding someone else with a P2.

Watching videos on the P2 is fun and pretty simple. The Emodio program, which is basically the iTunes of Samsung, can convert videos for you to put on your Yp-p2. Speaking of Emodio, it is a very good program, and I actually prefer it over iTunes. Everything is right there in front of you and it is quite easy to use. However, I do wish that it had some more unique capabilities, but thats up to Samsung to thing of.

Music quality is great and I like the EQ system on it. You can control the bass and clarity and etc.

Another cool thing you can do on the P2 is change the "theme" of your P2. You can create your own background/ icons or use someone else's.

While the Samsung YP-P2 is a very capable and unique MP3 player, I feel that its size limit of 8gb (I believe 16gb is out too) and also some of its undeveloped features such as the Bluetooth capability and also its cheesy games bring it down to a "Good" level. Calling it an iTouch or iPod-killer is going a little overboard, but don't get me wrong, if you want something different from your friends, this Samsung YP-P2 is among the top 10 to consider.