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Sand N Sun Pool

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All summer we have been going back and forth about getting one of these pools. Finally I just said one night "That's it...we're going to get a pool!" The next evening we were off to Wal-Mart and picked one up.

This is the 18'x48" model of this pool. I thought that meant that the water came up to 48", but that's not the case. The top of the inflatable ring stands 48" tall. The water only comes up to about 3'7". It's deep enough that when I'm on my knees the water comes up to my neck.

Set up is not as simple as the box description makes it seem. It says there is no ground prep to do and you can have it ready for water in 30 minutes. Sure, that might be the case if you are putting it on a completely flat surface! We had to till the ground and smooth it out as best as we could for the spot where we wanted to put our pool. Even after we thought it was flat, it ended up being slightly lower on one side (about 3"), and now the pool will not fill up all the way in one section. It just happens to be the section where the filter output is. That means the water being pumped back into the pool spurts, and there's no way to fix it now that it is full of water.

When you unfold the pool for the first time and spread it out, it's easier to have 2 people helping. You have to get all the wrinkles you can out of the bottom. The pool is so heavy that it's almost impossible to do that alone. You need two people pulling in opposite directions to get just the big ones out.

The pool does not come with a pump to inflate the rim. We started to inflate ours using our air compressor, but that was going to take FOREVER! We used our shopvac instead and it filled it up in about one minute! Once the pool is full of water, you will need to add more air to the rim.

Unless you want to pay a few hundred more dollars to have water hauled to fill up the pool all at once, you have to fill the whole thing up with your hose. That's what we did and it took about 24 total hours to fill.

So far, the filter is working just fine. I have heard that some people have problems after a few months, but ours is keeping everything circulating and clean. I love that the pool comes with a cleaning kit. It includes a net and a vacuum skimmer. We are having a problem with beetles getting stuck under the inflatable rim though.

We love this pool so far and I would suggest anyone thinking about getting one, go out and get one. You do have to take it down at the end of the year to store it though.