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Sandalwood Rosary A Great Gift!

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I got this rosary as a birthday gift from my best friend about five or six years ago. You see, we’ve been best friends since high school and I’m glad that we’re still best friends. I hadn’t been married yet at that time when she gave me this gift, and we were still hanging out together back then. She has a unique taste when giving birthday present, and I didn’t even expect it to be a rosary on this particular gift. This rosary is made of sandalwood, and the unique thing about it is the scent of the sandalwood. Sandalwood scent, as you probably know, has been used in most of aromatherapy products. I don’t know if they also produce something like a rosary using sandalwood. The rosary comes in a wooden box, surely to keep it inside as to preserve the scent. The box has a pigeon symbol, symbolizing the Holy Spirit in Roman Catholic. Although all the beads in this rosary are made of sandalwood, but the Cross and the Holy Marie pendant are made of metal (actually it would be good if they also made these in sandalwood... lol..). I have other rosary to pray with, so most of the time I just put this as a decor (still inside the box). But lately my hubby likes to use it when praying. But what surprises me is that I often find him sleeping in the middle of the prayer with this rosary in his hand! :) I guess the aromatherapy of sandalwood scent really works... lol... Well, I might suggest him not to use this rosary. I think it’s just great for decor... lol...