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San Disk Cruzer Titanium: Worth Its Weight In Gold!

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Adam Hollett By Adam Hollett on
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When I decided I wanted to buy a flash drive to store my traveling data (school assignments and whatnot), I naturally did a little research online to see which brand and model would be the best choice. Out of all of the sites I visited, most of them seemed to recommend the SanDisk Cruzer series. When I saw the Titanium variants, I fell in love, and went to pick one up shortly afterward.

It's a fantastic product. It's made of smooth metal, and the USB connector tip actually retracts into the body rather than the device having a removable cap. This ensures that there are no parts that can be lost or edges that can be bumped. With the connector retracted it is nearly indestrctible thanks to the smooth metal exterior. I believe I even found a video online of the Titanium being run over by a car and still working fine. The Titanium is also very pleasing to the eye - much more so than any typical plastic flash drive with a removable cap. It is tiny and very portable, and fits in a pocket without taking up much room.

I haven't even gotten into the possibilities of a portable flash drive. Not only does it sport a massive amount of space, there are also websites that allow you to download 'portable' applications. What does this mean? Basically, you can run various programs from your USB flash drive. Using a public computer somewhere? You can still use your favourite browser or instant message program. My 1GB model still has plenty of room, as I tend to only use it for text files and a few programs. If you need to tote around larger files, there are pricier 2GB and 4GB models available. The 1GB model was around $80 when I purchased it, but since then prices have dropped somewhat and if you are lucky you could get one of these on sale for as low as $30.

My flash drive has become a part of my daily routine; I take it with me almost wherever I go. It has served me well and is still in perfect condition, so I suspect it will serve me well even longer.