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San Disk Sansa E260

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andronici By andronici on
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The SanDisk Sansa e200 series mp3 player is SanDisk's most famous player yet, offering a very substantial alternative to the Apple iPod Nano. The Sansa e200 series player has the same height and width dimensions as the Nano; it is, however, approx. 1/8" deeper. The screen is much larger than the Nano, however, making viewing easier on the eyes.

The Sansa comes in a slick black plastic body, with a solid metal back and a blue-glowing scroll wheel. The backlight is SanDisks character blue and is surrounded by four control buttons. The wheel feels slightly loose and has a noticeable gear feel to it.

The screen is very bright, with an adjustment setting in the Settings menu. The menu is intuitive, and takes merely a few scrolls through to learn.

The Sansa has a proprietary usb cord, and can only be charged via the transfer cable. The player can not be used while charging, which is a major disappointment. The player has a standard headphone jack, and a small hole for the microphone. There is no line in for a microphone, so it is best used for recording the radio or quick memo's.

The Sansa comes with a good amount of features, including photo, video, radio, and microphone.

The photo feature is very nice - the pictures appear bright and detailed on the LCD screen. The video function is equally as nice, though it can be eye-straining to watch a full movie on a 2-inch screen. I have personally watched a full-length theatrical movie on the small screen while flying. The brightness on the screen allowed me to see every scene, including dark ones. The sound was surprisingly good, offering surround-sound quality loud enough to block the planes engine noise.

The radio is average. At times, it picks up stations wonderfully. At other times, it can hardly pick up a station. The radio reception is better if you purchase an iRadio adapter to plug into it. The player comes with a recorder button dedicated to the outside of the players body. You can instantly record a song or program from the radio by pressing the record button. There is also a preset function to find your favorite stations fast without having to scroll through the function buttons.

The microphone is decent quality, but can only be used to speak into near the player. It can't be used to record a lecture or other event as the quality is to poor and the microphone too weak to puck up any audio from that distance.

Overall, this is an excellent player and offers a good alternative to the Apple iPod Nano. If the sound quality was slightly better, I would say this is better than the iPod. IF you are you looking for more features than just the audio functions, this is perfect. If you are not concerned with radio and recording functions, photo viewing, and video playback options, than the iPod would be a better choice, However, if you are looking for best bang for the buck, this player is the best choice.