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San Disk Sansa Fuze 8 Gig

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Rob Mooney By Rob Mooney on
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So I bought this little thing a few months ago and I didn't really think it was going to be all that great, I've heard from allot of sources online that it was pretty good but I didn't think much of it and considering I was on a budget I figured that an 8 gig mp3 player for $80 was the best that I could get at the time. I must say that this thing blew me away. As soon as I turned it on and started shuffling through the various menus I fell in love with it. The colors are sharp and vibrant and even though the color schemes aren't too vast it's still got a pretty good selection. The Audio quality was good too, allot better than other mp3 players that I've had and actually paid allot for. It's small and the best thing (to me) about it is that it's got some weight to it. It feels as though it's made of metal and it's incredibly sturdy. It's screen size is decent too. The only complaint that I've had with this is it's video capability. It comes with a disc that contains a program you must install if you wish to have videos on your Sansa. The program it's self isn't what I have a problem with, it's the format and quality output. In order to play videos on a Sansa Fuze you need to convert .mp4 videos to an alternate, specified format that's only supported by Sansa. The program included on the disk does this for you but it seems to be a hassle. For smaller videos anyway but I find that it's not really worth it unless you're wanting to put episodes of a show or maybe some movies on it. Another good thing that you'll find is that there's a small slot for a MicroSD card. For... MEMORY EXPANSION! Yes, you can add more memory to this and considering MicroSD cards are pretty cheap this is awesome. MicroSD cards are available in up to 16 gig too at no more than about $50. So, you can have up to a 24 gig mp3 player for $130. Believe me when I tell you this, it's well worth your money if you're looking for an iPod alternative.