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Sango Dishes Set Pretty Dog Friendly And Nice!!

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klkwid By klkwid on
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I really wanted to tell you all about a great set of dishes I bought about a year ago. They've held up so well after an entire year of being used, dropped (short distances), stepped on, and licked by dogs, that I just had to share. I needed a new set of dishes because the ones I had were breaking left and right when the dogs would get them. Like all good doggie Mommies, I let the pups lick plates when we're done eating, so if the plate gets stepped on or picked up for some reason, it needs to be a little less breakable than the thin plates and dishes i had before.

These dishes are oversized, as the trend has been for the past few years now, so you can double a regular plate as a serving dish if you have burgers or something like that to present. The set comes with 4 dinner plates, salad plates, oversized bowls, and mugs. You can buy additional service dishes, ice cream bowls, and extra plates and such on eBay with no problem for a very reasonable price. These were slightly higher priced than some other dishes, but they are well worth the extra buck a plate that I spent on them-They hold up to everything! Any time I leave one on the floor for a dog and I hear that tell-tale crash of the dog stepping on the plate as they walk away, I cringe, thinking that I just lost another plate or bowl. Out of the hundreds of times this has happened, only ONE bowl broke! That's a huge difference between these and my old plates!! These are thick and well made, so they really do hold up under stressful conditions.

They tolerate cleaning well-there are a few minimal scratches on one of my bowls, other than that, I have no marks on any plates despite having people over for steaks and such in the past. Any dish that can withstand a steak knife is a well-made dish :) They are dishwasher safe, as well.

I recommend these plates to anyone! Very fashionable and well made-you can't ask for more!