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Sanitize Hands

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I recently caught a very nasty sinus infection, just after getting over a cold. But when you are around other people during the week, you are bound to catch something, if your immune system isn't up to par. And face it, if you are a hugger like me or at least shake other people's hands, if they have a virus at all and you then touch your mouth- you're done for. Honestly, instead of brushing people off and being rude by not shaking their hand or hugging them hello, this hand sanitzer will be the middle man, per say. And they don't even need to know I put sanitizer on after shaking their hand.

So my husband purchased 2 Germ-X hand sanitizers for me to keep around. One, I will take to our church and keep by the computer during service times. That's the location where I am in contact with tons of people that come over to say hello every Wednesday and twice on Sunday. Unfortunately, they keep giving me their colds and frankly, I just don't want their colds any more. Now, I will be able to sanitize my hands every time I shake someone's hand or before I even touch the church computer. This is also a great practice for your desk at work and home.

The bottles we got are 12 fl. oz. pumps and contain 63% Ehtyl Alcohol, but also have a moisturizing Vitamin E. I had always worried that hand sanitizers would dry out my hands and being that I am in my mid 40s now, I don't need drier hands. But this sanitizer absorbs quickly, has no odor and leaves my hands feeling soft. Not soft or greasy in like a hand lotion, but just a nice soft.

We both have a bottle in our cars too. Now, I don't want to become parinoid about germs, but it's also a great idea to keep a bottle or two around you at all times, especially since the number 1 contact for the H1N1 virus is through hand shaking and touching your face afterwards. Most of us never realize we even do that.

Germ-X comes in several sizes and packages, including hand wipes, and can be found in most stores. The hand wipes are great to keep in the car for when you head to the store. Then you can grab a wipe and wipe down the shopping cart handle before you even touch it. Cause I know that every time I go shopping, there never seems to be any wipes left that the stores provide and now I just bring my own.

You can even find Germ-X in a pen form for your purse or pocket and a foaming hand sanitizer too. There are many options for your own preference and after all, it's better to be safe than sick in my book. I am way too busy to take out time for this virus nonsense.