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Sansa E200 R Rhapsody Media Player

Reviewing: Sansa/Sandisk E200 R Rhapsody  |  Rating:
By crazyglitcher on
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This media player is kinda of annoying because you have to connect it to the computer in order to do some functions, such as deleting songs or movies. You also need windows media player or some form of a file transferer (usually provided in the box by a CD which HOPEFULLY works) and a wire in order to transfer songs unlike the Zune which does stuff wirelessly.

I dont know about you guys, but I've had really bad luck with the CD that installs the transferring program. I was trying to transfer videos and pictures to the media player and it kept putting them in other sections (ex. a video goes to the music section). When trying to play these misplaced items, the media player said that it couldn't do that and just f***ed up. What's annoying is that I tried sending it again and it lept sending the files to other folders and everytime it did that I would have to reconnect the media player back to the computer in order to delete it. If anyone from SANDISK is here tell your bosses to FIX THE CD because they're messed UP.

Otherwise, the media player works fine. The songs transfer alright (probably because I use WMP instead of the one provided on the CD to transfer them) and the FM radio is kick ass. Although the headphones broke, I believe it was because it kept getting caught in my jacket zipper instead of it being "crappy"like my friend says it is.