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Sansa E270 Mp3 Player

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By kenthebear on
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One of Sandisk's new MP3 players from the Sansa range. Sandisk claims they are the "flash memory mp3 players with the highest capacity on the market". This may change when the new iPods come out, but for the moment, this is correct. The fact that it's flash memory is a huge advantage - more battery life and you don't need to worry if you drop it on the floor, unlikely hard-disk based players. 6GB is a reasonable size for most casual music listeners, and you could fit a few films on there too, if you like watching them on a tiny screen on the bus. The audio quality is excellent, as long as you're using decent earphones. The earphones that came with it are next to useless, the quality on them is crap. Do yourself a favour, get a decent pair of headphones. It'll play pretty much every mainstream music format you'll throw at it, so you don't need to worry about converting. However, video format is a different story - it'll only play MPEGs that you have to use the packaged converter with, and the software doesn't work most of the time. A missed opportunity. The battery life is decent, it'll go a fair while, mine lasts around a week/couple of weeks and I use it for a few hours a day. It's a tiny little thing, so it can easily go in a jacket pocket. It's so small, you might worry you've lost it - it's happened to me. Extra features? It has a pretty decent audio recorder packaged with it, and you can view pictures and watch videos (if you succeed with the shoddy software - see above). It's very easy to use, with a pseudo-iPod wheel, but if you don't like that, you can just use buttons instead. However, there is a large problem, and that's the "record" button placed on the side. It's in the worst place possible, if you even graze the thing, it'll stop playing straight away and start recording. Poor design, there. You'll find yourself wanting to use the "lock" button a lot.

However, it's really easy to ignore the small flaws, and if you're not bothered about videos, it's the perfect price for the space provided, and if there isn't enough, it comes with a micro-SD card slot so you can expand the memory, which is a great feature. Well recommended.