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Sansa Mp3 Player

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amberlynn25 By amberlynn25 on
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I love my little mp3 player. It goes with me everywhere I go. It has great audio quality. I use it mainly for mp3's and not wma's because my computer does not read wma's very well. I never had had an issue with putting a song on my player.

Storage varies for the song. I have 2 of them, one is a 1 GB and the other is a 2 GB. I have so many songs and the 2GB is barely filled with all my songs. I believe last time I added songs to it I was still 35% free of space to add songs. It takes a lot to fill it. the box says up to 480 songs for the mp3 version. So it would be half of that for my 1 GB player.

Like I said befor it can hold MP3 or WMA. I prefer MP3 because it is better quality. You hear things better on those types of songs.

The player is easy to use, very simple. It has a USB cord to transfer songs and depending on what program you use (I use Windows Media Player) its jsut as easy to put songs on or take them off.

The size of it is small. It can fit in a pocket easity. Its light weight and comes in black, blue or silver.

The battery life is long. The box that it came in says up to 19 hours. I listen to mine alot, so its a lot less then that. I also have recharagable batteries for it, so that helps a lot.

THe ear buds are the least favourtie part of my mp3 player. they tend to hurt my ears when i listen to the player for a long time. I mainly use it in my car with a converter.

The extra features that are on it are a radio, there are 20 preset spots for your favourite stations, and there is also a voice recorder and microphone included. Other items the player comes with is a strap to put it on your arm incase you go running and a proctetive case so it doesnt get scratched.