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Sanyo Dp37647 Lcd Hdtv

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So maybe we didn't really NEED a new TV, but when my husband's friend was telling us all about the great deal he got on a new flat screen TV, it really peaked our interest. We went to our local Wal-Mart ‘just to look.' After staring at the wall of TVs on display, our eyes kept coming back to the same model. It had a better picture quality than others that cost much more. Eight hundred dollars later, we left with the Sanyo DP37647 flat screen HDTV hoping we wouldn't regret it.

We really have been impressed! It was easy for my husband to hook up, and it has lots of connections so you can use additional speakers for surround sound, hook up your camcorder to watch your home movies, etc.

To be honest with you, we haven't upgraded to HD Cable. We don't watch much television, we mainly bought this to watch DVD's in HD and widescreen formats. For that, it's awesome! The picture quality really is superb. It has over a million pixels for high resolution and even up close, it's pretty clear. I never wanted a flat screen before because unless you were on the other side of the room, the picture is often blurry and you can see all kinds of lines across the TV. That's not really the case here. The TV receives both digital and regular analog broadcasts, including HD programs. If you do watch a lot of TV, you would want to upgrade to the HD cable to get the most out of this model.

The screen is a 37 inch LCD which is plenty big for us. It has a detachable stand so you can mount it on the wall if you want. You have to buy the kit separately though. The remote is easy to use.

We are very happy with our purchase, and have received lots of compliments on the TV from guests we have had at our house. I'd recommend it to anyone.