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Sanyo Xacti Vpc C5 Digital Camcorder

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The Sanyo Xacti is the first major product in its class, out selling the RCA and generic equivalents. Branching off the basic design of the bestselling first generation Xacti, Sanyo has continued to expand its product line to include over 6 different types, ranging from high-definition to waterproof.

The Xacti VPC-C5 is a flash driven digital video camera in a very small package. It is palm-sized and weighs mere ounces, offering a fold in swivel screen and small silver buttons. Video is captured and saved onto a flash drive, causing it to utilize a very small amount of power, and video is transfered easily from the camcorder to a computer via a USB cable.

The VPC-C5 is 5.0 megapixels with auto-image stabilization and 5x optical zoom. The focus can be set to either manual or auto, though the auto seems to perform poorly in an environment with constant movement.

The swivel screen can be turned in any number of directions. This makes it simple to record yourself without moving beyond the boundaries of the recording. The screen is 2 inches and consists of 65k colors (210k pixels). Because of the size of this camera, there is no viewfinder. However, the video screen is larger and bright, and is easy to see in all light environments, including direct sunlight.

The VPC-C5 is a special product in the Xacti lineup. It is designed to be 'bling' style, coming in either a gold or silver body. The plastic is hard and durable, and the buttons come in standard silver. They are tight in the body and have a solid feel when clicked. The lines are tight and make it difficult for dirt and dust to enter the camera body. The flash is directly above the lens, causing occasional red-eye issues.

The video quality of the VPC-C5 is very good, far superior to any digital camera video, which is the only other flash-captured video option. The image is bright and solid when taken in a bright room. Image quality drops in a dark room, and is non-existent in a dark setting. This video cannot be used at night time without ample artificial light. Still shots taken with this camera are of the same quality as recorded footage. They are best shots are produced in bright settings. Another plus is the ability to take still photos at 10 megapixels; 5x optical and 5x digital. Stills are saved in a .JPEG format, making them universally compatible.

Finally, the package that comes with the VPC-C5 is very impressive, and leaves nothing to be desired. The camera comes with a lanyard and case, a software installation CD, an s-video cable, composite-video cable, docking station, and infrared remote for slideshows.

While it does have a few flaws, the Sanyo Xacti VPC-C5 is a very good camera, and is well worth the price. Offering long battery life and very good footage, it is an excellent camcorder for vacations or extreme sports.