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Satellite Internet For Businesses

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By anakin71 on
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Tired of Cable Internet for my home!!!

I am completely fed up with cable internet, I don't care how great everybody says it is. The pricing is high, connection drops and I have to reset it constantly. I live in a condo and so it seems that the cable company has the whole complex in their pockets because they don't allow any competition here to providing, phones, cable TV, cable internet except one monopolizing company. This is intolerable! I've looked around hoping I can now switch to a more reliable and cheaper priced provider of my pay TV, internet and phones, yet every time I go to these people's site and type in my address to see if the service is available to my unit, the answer is always: "sorry, our service is not available for your home area." and I live in a major city! This is unfair business practice. So my neighbors and I are stuck paying high prices for a meager service, and right now when the economy is in the toilet and people need to finds way to save or spend less, the cable companies are getting away with robbery and secure customers by insider dealings. How is this fair?!

I am so irate (as you couldn't tell from the top paragraph) that I switched to Broadband Satellite Internet. I know, I know, I read and did my research, I understand and know all about the limitations and problems, but I don't care. I live in a climate where it rains maybe 3 days out of the year, and my wife runs a small home business, I need internet and TV and I don't want to pay a ton of money for the bare minimum. We've never been happier since the transition. I love my Satellite TV, I love my HughesNet high speed broadband satellite internet. I the money I saved should be submitted to evidence for investigation of corruption and unfair practices by the cable company.

I'm not saying satellite internet is for every home, make sure you understand all aspects before you make or even consider a switch, http://www.infodish.com/Plans---Pricing/HughesNet-for-Home.aspxbut if you are tired of cable companies dipping their hands into your pockets each month and only give you the minimum required by their board of directors and using this money to give kick backs to property manager so they can monopolize your life, HughesNet satellite internet is a convenient alternative to letting these thief know that you will no longer tolerate the victimization of corporate monopoly.