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Savage 2 A Seamless Mix Of Different Genres

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By Hugo RB on
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Hi everyone.

Today I'm reviewing the game, Savage 2 - A tortured soul by S2 Games. S2 Games is an independant gaming company, responsible for the first Savage title, Savage - Battle for Newerth, which blended RPG, RTS and FPS elements for a remarkably different style of gameplay.

Savage 2 can be considered an extensive revamp of the first savage game.

It includes brand new interfaces, and on the whole looks a lot better.

There are two playable races. You can be the humans, which have control over units like a dwarf builder, a basic warrior, an archer-rogue type unit and siege weapons. You can also be the "beasts', which have control over a group of alien-looking creatures, boasting skills like lightning spells, summoning skills, and giant clawed monstrosities (as well as a huge horned collosus wielding a tree stump) As you join a game, you first join a team (depending on the game the teams will be either both human, both beast, or human vs. beast). You then join a squad under which an officer has the ability to command you to do certain things, such as attack an enemy player, go somewhere on the game map, or perform another task.

As a regular player, you begin the game at the spawning interface, where you choose the type of soldier you want to be, if you want potions or powerups (such as extra armor or speed. As you progress through the game you gain persistent items that give you either constant boosts, or that can be used for limited times to give you a boost of armor, damage etc.

Once you start playing, you can use a variety of skills, that depending on their nature, put you in either 3rd or 1st person view. When using melee, such as claws or swords, skills that summon objects or pets, or area of affect skills, you are in 3rd person view. When using some ranged skills, such as bows, and spells like lightning bolt, you are in 1st person view.

Throughout the game, you gain experience and levels. With these levels you get to increase stats like strength, intelligence and endurance.

If you are lucky, you get to play as commander, in which you are transported to a 3rd person view of the entire map, zoomable to where you need to be. You can use a variety of skills that buff your own teammates to help them in their fight, and other skills that can cripple the enemy units. You have control over the teams gold supply, whihc you use to build buildings and research items that give your team access to more powerful skills and units.

Pros : Overall, the original idea behind the savage series has been attractive to many players, and the way Savage 2 improves upon it all makes it a great game for just about anyone. There are many different elements to enjoy and savage seems to execute them all quite well.

Cons : There arn't many maps to choose from. As of now there arnt very many players, and its hard to find a server that isnt full or empty. There is a slightly steep learning curve for those seeking to be commander.