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Save Electricity Buy A Yankee Candle!

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Sleigh Bells Ring.. Are you listening.... Okay, I know that it is summertime, but each time I light my Cranberry Chutney Yankee Candle the aroma sends me caroling to Christmastime!

I was first introduced to Yankee Candles through a very generous friend who knew I adored scented candles and was not afraid to buy me the "best of the best" - as far as I am concerned - and I have never returned to a lesser brand.

I have tried many of the miriad of scents available in this line and have yet to find one I don't love, yes, love - not like, not enjoy but love!

The Candle

These candles are self contained in a simple glass jar and available in many sizes. I normally receive or purchase the 22 oz size as it lasts for ages and I burn them all day. The jar itself has a plastic label announcing the scent and company name, but it peels off easily should you not wish your candle collection to become an advertising op for Yankee Candle.

The 22oz jar boasts a burn time of approx 100 - 150 minutes, but quite honestly, I think it can burn longer. I purchased my most recent candle at New Year and I am still using it. I normally have it lit for about 4 hours+ every evening (and occasionally longer if I am home during the day). Honestly, it actually lives up to it's name of being a "Housewarmer Candle" as I cross my heart when I tell you that I actually feel as though my home is warmer when this is lit - the mere smell creates a sense of warmth and comfort and just makes guests not want to leave - so I suggest not burning it when company is coming!

The scents are pure and don't have that "burning" after aroma that many scented candles seem to have, nor does it emit a scent that smells "perfume-esque" or fake. I could write for hours about the benefits of this product and not once have a complaint - bar the price!

This is a case where you absolutely get what you pay for. Fair enough, I know that you can buy scented candles for a couple of dollars at discount stores, however, you can also spend a LOT of money on scented candles at higher scale department stores and they don't come close to Yankee Candles.


My only advice would be to shop around for prices. These are an item that I have noticed are sold at remarkably varying prices dependant upon where you shop. For example, I live near a high end garden center where a $1 plant pot is sold for $4.95 and an average Christmas Tree is over $200. They sell these candles at a starting price of $27.95 - not a good deal. I can find this candle for between $15 and $20 at regular stores!


Heavenly! I challenge you to find a better scented candle anywhere!

Update On Jun 25, 2009: *** A great tip when your candle wears down -

Srape all the excess scented wax from the sides of the jar and put aside. If you are like me and you have about 7 of these things, put all the leftover scrapings together in one jar and heat over a double boiler until melted - then just make a new candle. Mine are usually about 8oz in size, so you are saving yourself a few dollars!! :-)