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Save The Brits Again In Resistance: Fall Of Man!

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By pato on
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Resistance: Fall Of Man is the flagship showcase title for the PS3. A first person shooter with science fiction elements, it has garnered much acclaim as well as comparisons to the Half-Life series. But does it deserve it? Yes. Yes it does.

The Playstation 3 launched with nary a "killer-app" in its launch lineup. There was no game that truly showcased what Sony's big bad black box could do. It was left up to developer Insomniac to come to the front with the big guns.

Resistance takes place in the early 1950's in an alternate timeline where World War II never happened, and instead, the vicious Chimera emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Their arrival is still shrouded in mystery but is all too deadly. They spread across Asia and Europe until finally arriving at Great Britain. This is where you come in.

You play as Sgt. Nathan Hale, an American soldier dropping into England to halt the Chimera invasion. As the game progresses you gain new weaponry and intel that fleshes out the backstory. The gameplay is frenetic mayhem at its best. And you will see massive encounters between the defending soldiers and the Chimeran invaders. This is when the game truly shines, easily handling two large armies at a steady 30 frames per second and at a crisp 720p. Unfortunately, this happens much more in the beginning of your campaign and even then, not often enough. It seems that most of the time, it is still one lone supersoldier versus an entire army. That sort of gameplay belongs on the last generation of games in my opinion.

There is still a lot of fun to be had here. The large variety of weapons alone will appeal to gun nuts. And the imaginative ways in which they operate are a welcome respite from the usual FPS fare. All the firearms have a secondary function as is expected and you'll have to replay the very long adventure to see all the weaponry and secrets the game has to offer.

The online play can support up to 40 people and has been a much touted part of the game. If, like me, you cannot play online however, then you will be SOL since there is no offline player vs. bots mode. Unless you game with a buddy over split screen then prepare for a solo outing.

I wanted to love this game but the seemingly previous generation gameplay and the lack of CPU bots to play against pulled it from perfection. Nevertheless it is a solid outing and given the lack of great games on the PS3 at the moment, I would have to recommend it.