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Save Your Back For Other Things

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Once in a while everybody needs to move something. My Workforce furniture dolly is my moving partner.

I have found that a furniture dolly is much more flexible and useful than a hand-truck or platform cart.

You can put a piece of plywood on a furniture dolly and carry boxes, potted plants, bags of bark, soil, or buckets of whatever you want.

Furniture dollies are much easier to store or carry in the car than hand truck are. A furniture dolly can easily fit behind the seats of most convertibles.

I can easily move my couch with my Workforce furniture dolly. Many tables can be moved easily by turning them upside down and putting them on a furniture dolly.

A furniture dolly is not a panacea. You can not use it alone to move tall tippy furniture. If I had more time I could tell you an unpleasant story about trying to move a big hutch with a lot of glass panels.

When my friends want to move 'on the cheap' the first thing they think of is my furniture dolly. The second thing they think of is whether I will co-sign for the deposit on the rental truck.

I am very happy with my Workforce furniture dolly.