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Save Your Breath, Man. Rolls Eyes

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btlover By btlover on
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Just recently, whilst asking a girl out, my mind suddenly dawned on something rather important. As soon as she said yes to my request, I realized there was something about me that women probably wouldn't like about me: My breath. It is absolutely atrocious, as I have heard from the ones who smell the words I speak. My worries grew and grew all the time, hoping that she won't notice at all. But, then I found a small savior.....at least, I thought it was a savior. Listerine PocketMist.

Yes, it is a breath spray, in the most basic sense. But, it does what it is supposed to, my friends. It is about the size of an iPod Shuffle, can easily get clipped to a keychain, and has a rather easy way to use. Just open your mouth, press down on the switch, and get ready for the icy cold taste. Honestly, you do NOT want to drink any cold water after this because it will be like giving frostbite to your own tongue and throat.

So, imagine this, you go to a formal dance with your date. When he/she isn't looking, you take a quick squeeze of the PocketMist into your mouth. When your mate turns back to you, you are jumping up and down with tears down your eyes, trying to ignore the searing and burning touch of cold upon the vili around your mouth.

Now, I think I should probably address one of the main problems with this product: The length of the minty breath. I took a quick spray of the bloody thing, but, ten minutes later, I found that it was losing it's effect rather quickly. So, what exactly happened between me and my date? She actually didn't care one bit, stating that all people were born with such a thing. Rather right and trustful of her too.

So, what can I say about this little pick-me-up you can shop for at the local gas station? Well, it's not too bad of an idea in the first place. I mean, I can understand the breath epidemic we have been having recently. But, the implementation of the actual spray just cannot last a romantic make-out. If anything, you'll need the whole freaking spray in order to truly gain the effects you desire. I'll recommend this, but only for those who have no other options except for brushing their teeth.