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Say Goodbye To Big Pores Dull Skin!

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Juliyan Chasanah By Juliyan Chasanah on
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Short explaining from the cover tube : "Gold Caviar BB Cream is a triple-function cream that has a high concentration of Caviar Extract. It provides whitening, wrinkle repair and UV-block functions for the skin and also contains white gold ingredient which supplies rich nutrients as well as shaping care for droopy skin. This special cream also contains 3 patented ingredients of EMX-Water, Vita Extract and Na-Complex which helps to provide soothing care for tired skin while maintaining a healthier, radiant and fairer complexion for a natural beauty look."

As it has been explained, this BB Cream contains Caviar Extract and White Gold as we have known it gives a great benefit for skin regenerating and improves skin elasticity.Actually, i'm still 20 years old and still no need an anti - ageing skincare.But, i have a very terrible dull skin, most people said to me that i looked like 25th - 28th years old ::sigh:: .I guess my skin became so dull because of applying cosmetics too much.I always used moisturizer - acne cream - concealer - foundation - loose powder - compact powder - blush before i'm going anywhere.Then i found this BB Cream that offers a great benefit for my dull skin.

First off, i will review about the texture of the cream.I still do not like the texture, it is absolutely same with Missha BB Prefect Cover (in prevous review).But it is not as easy blendable as Missha BB PC, actually it's ok for me cause it matchs with my skin tone.So i am not looked like i'm having a mask on my face.It has a great natural health skin finish than Missha BB PC.My face seems brighter and smoother with glowy and sheer coverage, but it doesn't make you looking oily.And the best thing is my pores look invisible after applying it.And i love it!My face seems so fresh and juicy :lol:

And do you know?The benefits not only can be seen when i'm applying the cream, but also after washing my face. I feel so smooth and all my pimples are getting dissapear from very first time!Healing properties in this cream has great job for me.I feel my skin so healthy, and in 4th day my discoloration skin has gone!Oh my...I thought it would take a long time till i feel the healing properties' result, but now i know i was wrong.This is great deal.Worth it eventhough lil bit pricey ::cry::. And believe it or not, i apply it as my nite cream before going to bed ::lol:: But anyway, i don't see any healings on my big pores and any results of whitening :( .Maybe after a couple months?

BUT besides it has all of it's stunning benefits, i think this cream should make the improvement.It has a very very bad oil control eventhough it has a good stay power (about 5 -6 hours).I have to blot on my face, especially at my nose after 2 - 3 hours.It makes me feel so sticky.It has an uncomfortable smell too, but it's not too annoying.And the texture of cream is too light, it is not too good for hiding the freckles also the redness.But at least, it's good to make me looked more flawless also make my skin healthier :) . Now, i just apply oil control moisturizer - BB Cream - Loose Powder whenever i want to go anywhere and no need to add sunscreen anymore!It has contained SPF20/PA++ which is enough for me. It's so easy and fast way :D

About Packaging, i really love the packaging.It is a nice and elegant tube.And it is also easy to use, the cream would not pull out too much and never overflow.And very hygienic also clean tube!

CONCLUSION : It's great for healing troubled skin to make more shinny, elastic, younger and bighter, minus the oiliness (maybe this is more suitable for dry skin).

Skincare & Cosmetic Benefits (from the origin website) :

1. Promotes skin whitening and wrinkle repair

2. Protects & regenerates the skin

3. Provides shaping care for droopy skin

4. Provides UV-rays protection ( SPF 20/PA++ )

5. Contains rich botanical nutrients for a healthier skin

6. Effectively covers skin imperfections naturally

7. Acts as a primer, foundation and concealer

8. Light textured feeling suitable for hot climate conditions