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By verjavec on
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My husband has been bugging me to get a pda/cell phone since they came out with them. My excuse was always that they didn't come in red as I didn't want to spend the money and since they didn't come in red - he had no argument and would drop the subject. Well, then they came out with the Palm Centro - in red. I had been thinking about getting one anyways since my schedule had gotten a lot busier after quitting my job to become a stay at home mom.

We went to the Sprint store because I'd had my old cell phone for a while and they offer money back for upgrading. I'd had it long enough to get $75 off the price. They did a great job of explaining all of the features and since I'd used my husband's Treo, I knew what to expect from it. And it was a gorgeous red.

The durability isn't great as the screen can get scratched or broken, so with my 2.5 yr wanting to play with it all the time, I purchased the Sprint protection plan - for whatever reason if anything happens to any part of the phone - they will fix it or replace it. So no I can let her grab it and tell me to "Say hello!" I guess she got tired of me telling her to. I also miss the analog roam of my old phone as it would allow me to get service anywhere (albeit sketchy, but still better coverage than without it). Being limited to only digital roaming is fine if you never go out into the middle of nowhere in western North Dakota, eastern Wyoming and Montana or west Texas. I do all of these when I go to visit my parents though, so I do miss it.

In spite of that, I still really like my phone. The speakerphone works great. I can hear people over my screaming kids and they can hear me. Dialing is easy and it has a number of speed dialing features that you can use as well. For me, it's easier just to scroll through my contact list and select the person I want to call than try to remember who has what speed dial. There is also a mute feature so I can yell at me kids without subjecting my friends to it.

I'm glad they came out with a red phone/pda so I could take another look. I use it daily.