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Say No To This Samsung

Reviewing: Samsung Sgh T619  |  Rating:
daavery25 By daavery25 on
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Boo! That's what I have to say about this dog of a cellphone I am stuck with. When it was brand new in October of 2006, the T-Mobile saleswoman raved about it's features and reliability. I am afraid I have more BAD to say aout this gadget than good.

For starters, the reason I got that silly thing is for the "megapixel camera" application. Well, let me tell you, there is nothing "mega" about the images I shoot with this phone, as clarity is not one of its virtues. In addition, the side button that activates "easy camera access" likes to fire off pictures of the inside of my pocket without my permission.

I am pleased with the battery life, as until recently, and probably due to my extra use of the phone, I have enjoyed well beyond tha claimed battery life with this phone. I am also quite happy with this phones ability to pick up reception in seemingly "difficult" locales (like in theaters, rural areas, in my pocket)

I am also disgusted with T-Mobile for cancelling this little devil, and making accessories for it incredibly difficult to find. I had to resort to buying asian made cheap knockoffs of my charging accessories on eBay which certainly validate T-Mobile's claim that their genuine accesories are superior.

The best part of this little phone is that it fits in my pocket with ease and is light as can be. Perhaps my next phone will have a better camera.