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Scan Pans For Easy Nonstick Cooking

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Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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I have two eight inch Scan Pan fry pans. These have been one of the best investments I've made over the years for my cooking needs.

Scan Pan Cookware is made in Denmark with a special process that produces a non stick surface that is un-scratchable, therefore also non-toxic. Besides that, they are dishwasher safe.

I've had my Scan Pans for years now. I received my first one as a gift about 8 years ago. When the surface of that one started to bubble, I contacted the Customer Service department. They told me it was probably because I was using Pam which is warned against in their instructions (which I failed to read). I was surprised to learn that Pam could cause damage, but apparently it causes some kind of chemical reaction to the non stick surface. I guess I don't really want to be using a product that causes that anyway. They said I should use olive oil spray instead. BUT they still sent me a new pan! I had to send them my damaged pan, though, and while the whole thing was in process, I bought a new one because I couldn't live without it!

So now I have two and that's all I need. My Scan Pans have both been great for all these years and I'm definitely a believer! Scan Pan Cookware is worth the money. I feel mine were an investment in safe cooking and easy clean-up.