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Scented Condoms

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poshpost By poshpost on
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Honestly, I did not see the reason for scented or flavored condoms. I did not see the point until we needed it.

The condom was my husband's and my contraceptive of choice. We think it is practical and non-invasive (at least for me). After our first child, for health reasons, we are not supposed to have our second baby just yet. And so we chose the condom as the safest, easiest, and most convenient contraceptive for us.

My husband is not very comfortable with it, but he is not really complaining. For us it is the safest.

When we first bought our first condoms, we learned that Trust Condoms come in three variants--Original, Strawberry and Chocolate. We bought a box of each. Each box contains 3 condoms and it only costs around 30 cents per box. It is really cheap and I think very durable because up until now, I have not gotten pregnant, although my period is back and I already have a regular menstrual cycle. (Thank God!)

Anyway, we tried all three variants and we realized that scent does matter. The Original scent is really awful--I can't describe how it smells but it is awful and although it is way down there, I can still smell it. The Chocolate, well, smells like chocolate, but I do not like chocolate other than for candy. So it is out. Among the three, the Strawberry is the most pleasing for me. My husband is not really fussy so he leaves it up to me.

I am very happy with this product and we will continue to use this until we decide to have our second baby.