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Scented Oil Candles.

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Everyone loves scented candles.

Many people refrain from lighting candles with the thought of maybe forgetting about them. I've have a time or two lit a candle and forgot about it because I just couldn't smell it anymore or I was caught up doing other things. And if you can't smell it you can tend to forget about it. ( I never caused no accidents forgetting about a candle, Thank God because I always put it in a save place, but still it's just the point of forgetting that I had lit it).

This ad got me when it said how the Glade Scented Oil candles fills a room with the wonderful scent.

The next time I was out I bought the Glade Scented Oil candle. I was very excited from what I had seen and heard from the commercial. When I was at CVS they didn't have a large selection of scents to pick from, so I decided on the clean linen scent, it is a nice mild scent.

Once home I opened the package, included in the package was the glass candle holder, and two of the scented oil candles. The candle holder is nothing really fancy but it is nice, the candles are about the size of a tea light candle except it is sorta triangular rather than round. There was one candle already in the candle holder when I took it out of the package, so it was all ready to go. But before I lit it for the first time I wanted to see how the candle sat in the holder, I was pretty impressed when I seen it was a magnet, hmmmm I thought to myself that is different. It was also good because with it being a magnet holding the candle in place you can move the candle around and know it isn't going to move around in the holder, although you still have to be careful if moving it once the candle has melted as the oil is HOT.

After all my investigating on the candle and holder, I decided to light the candle, this was very easy just like any other candles, no directions needed. The box claimed that once the candle burned down it went out on its own.

I'm standing there watching the candle in just a matter of seconds I could start to smell it, the candle melted rather quickly, but the scent seemed to stay around for about 3 hours after the flame went out. Just liked the box claimed the flame did go out on its own and the smell did linger in the air. My husband was outside putting up our privacy fence, and had no idea I had lit this candle. when I called him in for dinner, he immediately notice the smell of the clean linen scented oil candle and commented on how it smelled really good in the house, and I knew it wasn't my cooking he was talking about.....lol.

I am very pleased with Glades Scented Oil candle. The price is a bit much but I'm sure if it is bought at other stores you can find it cheaper and the refills are also kinda steep alsom, you get 3 refills for $4.29 but again that is quoting the price I seen at CVS, possible cheaper else where. This candle will only really do one room I didn't find the scent left the room the candle was in. So if you want to have the smell through out your house you will have to light a candle in each room.

But on the plus side you can light this in the evening and when you go to bed a couples hours later the candle has already went out on it's own and you don't have to remember to put it out.