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Scentsy Wickless Candles

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During a summer event, street vendors lined the main street in the small community I work in. One of the booths that was set up there happened to be sellling Scentsy Wickless "candles". My coworker went to check it out, and brought back a boat-load of sample scents so all of us could begin our "smelling frenzy".

The great thing about Scentsy is that there is no flame involved! The scents come in the form of a bar that's scored, so you can break off as many 'cubes' as desired to place into the warming dish. Also, there is a huge selection of scents to choose from, with new featured scents coming out each month. The warmers come in two different sizes, mid-size and full (original) size. They consist of a base that holds a small 25 watt bulb and a tray that sets on top of that. The warmth from the bulb melts the wax to a liquid to release the scent. Trying to make a selection form the designs and patterns was difficult for me because there are so many choices! Recently, Scentsy added plug-in warmers that use the same wax as the larger warmers. If you choose a package deal, one that includes a warmer plus several Scensty Bars, you get a break in the pricing.

When you decide to change over to a different scent, simply pour the wax from the warmer back into the tray the bars came packaged in. Towel the excess wax from the warming tray, and place another scented cube into it. The wax you pour off will solidify to be reused at another time. The only trouble I have is, one of my plug-in warmers has kind of a rounded edge on it so the wax doesn't pour off as nicely or neatly as I'd like.

As I mention before, each month brings a new scent, and a new warmer is also featured. During the holidays Scentsy puts out warmers corresponding with the season or special day.

Scentsy is sold by consultants, and most sales are done by having in-home parties. My daughter loves Scentsy so much, she has become a consutant herself! That makes it convenient for me when I need to place my next order!!