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Schecter C 1 Classic

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Yangmun Choi By Yangmun Choi on
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The Schecter C-1Classic is a very solid electric guitar. It looks and plays nice and has a decent range of tone and timbre. Some of the downsides is that the bridge pickup is very hot, and the guitar is pretty heavy.

The first thing that one will notice of the guitar is the inlays, which are the 'vine of life' inlays. The guitar itself is very sleek, and the quilt top is a nice addition to the aesthetics of the guitar.

The playing is very nice. The action is very good. It is low enough to provide flexibility for the player, yet it is spaced well enough to form good sustain without buzzing. The strings tend to feel very firm, almost adding an acoustic guitar feel to the electric. The sustain is moderate, but not as intense as a Gibson Les Paul. The resonance of the wood is great, it is made in Korea so the quality of construction is definitely not bad.

The downside of this guitar is the lack of dynamic tone. The Tone Knob is a 10K Ohm Potentometer, and thus you do not get a wide range of tone from a pickup setting. Also, the pickup selector has times when the circuit is not completed and the signal from the pickup is weak...but this can be fixed by tapping or shifting the pickup selector (This problem is not chronic, it is just occasional).

The bridge pickup is a very hot and loud. It is close to the Steve Vai EVO bridge pickup in numbers, but in sound it is more raw. Some overdrive pedals can not handle the volume of the guitar at bridge pickup - it sounds like there is no OD at all. The neck pickup is a very full sounding jazz pickup. It has nice warm overtones and is good for jazz or pretty much anything acoustic. The midway pickups (positions 2 and 4 in the 5 selection pickup selector) are very clean and dry. They make ideal sounds for the BOSS Acoustic Simulator Pedal.

The Schecter C-1 Classic is an awesome looking guitar. The sound ranges from jazz to dry to hot & wet. The cons of this guitar is its weight. Otherwise, this is a generally awesome guitar for under a grand.