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Schick Not Very Intuitive..

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bosoxy By bosoxy on
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On the surface, the Schick Intuition razor sounds like it would be wonderful! It is advertised as being a razor, shaving cream and lotion in one that can be used in the shower or bath for a clean, quick and comfortable shave.

When I first opened the product I realized just how bulky it is. It has a thick handle and about a ¼ of a bar of “soap” surrounding a pivoting razor head.

The razor was a bit below the soap line so I had to play with it a bit to try and adjust it so that the razor would be far enough up to shave but not so far up that the “soap” would not hit my skin. It was a bit awkward and actually took a couple of uses before the razor sat right on my legs to get a close enough shave as the “soap” head was too bulky.

As the “soap” head wore down it then becomes necessary to push the Schick Intuition down a bit while shaving to get the sudsing lotioning action that is shown on TV. It also becomes apparent that the razor loses its sharpness well before the soap the is worn out. This may be because I like a really close shave and others may be OK with using the razor more than the several times that I would normally use one, however if you are like me you are sort of out of luck as there is no way to change out just the razor. Likewise, there is no way to change out just the soap… The entire bulky head, both soap and razor are attached and must be changed out at the same time!

To me changing the whole top seems like such a waste.. And while I do not want to waste the extra lotiony soap, I am no longer happy with the sharpness of the razor… I also did not find the soap head to be emollient enough for me to forego my after shower lotion. So my conclusion is that it is better to use a separate shaving cream or soap and a regular razor.