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School Zone Beginning Sight Words

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School Zone's Beginning Sight Words Flash Cards are a great tool to get your youngster started reading beyond picture/word Flash Cards. These cards are all about Sight words you see in early readers. This set contains 55 cards, with Sight words on front and back, plus a parent information card.

You will be able to teach your child words like a, into, the, to, who, and many more. The parent card gives you suggestions for play: Flash cards, Initial Letter game, and Sentence Pattern Game.

As Flash cards, you test your child's word recognition skills. Show them the card and see if they know the word. This is great to determine exactly where your youth is reading and what words they need help with.

The Initial Letter game directs you to spread all the cards out, choose one, and have your child pick another card with a word that starts with the same letter. Excellent game for little ones who know their letters, but cannot read yet.

The Sentence Pattern game is just as it implies. You lay out the cards to begin a logical sentence pattern. You start the pattern and have your child fill in the beginning, middle, or end word to complete the sentence.

We love School Zone Beginning Sight Words Flash Cards around here. Our little one is already recognizing some sight words--we play the Initial Letter game, as she is not quite reading yet. She certainly is getting a head start for school.

School Zone hit the mark with these Flash Cards. They are great for early learning, logic, word patterns, and word recognition. I think every child should have a set.