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Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy

Reviewing: Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy Author: Robert Anton Wilson  |  Rating:
By freesoma on
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The Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy, by Robert Anton Wilson, is another one of RAW's strange novels that jumps around from character to character faster than one can say "cosmic trigger". It's a very interesting book involving a lot of odd characters in the 60s and 70s but the time periods also shift in and out of reality. There is really no way to describe how bizarre this book is.

I didn't have much trouble understanding the writing style in this book but I'm certain that is only because I've read RAW before and know how to figure out some of his writing. There is really no way to completely understand it because it was never meant to be understood in the first place.

Similar to the Illuminatus! Trilogy, Schrodinger's has three books that are all tied together to form one big volume. Anyone that enjoys his writing should definitely pick this up, but I'd recommend Illuminatus! to people that haven't been introduced to Robert Anton Wilson's style.