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Schwinn Cruiser: Everything I Wanted In A New Bicycle

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I recently bought a Schwinn 26" Men's Point Beach Cruiser. I love the candy apple red color of this bike, and that's what first attracted me to the Schwinn when I was looking over new bikes at Walmart. But that's not why I bought it. The Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser comes with a 7 speed gear shift and hand brakes as well as front and rear fenders, which is a hard combination to find in new bicycles nowadays, but exactly what I was looking for in a new road bike. The spokes of the Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser are made out of stainless steel and the rims are made out of a rust-proof alloy, which was another big selling point with me. I've always hated rusty spokes and rims. The Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser is fitted with V-brakes, which are better than either side-pull or center-pull brakes in my opinion because the brakes are mounted directly onto the front fork for the needed cantilever pivot, so I don't have to worry about my brakes needing re-centered over the tire rim after use.

The Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser was assembled for free at Walmart, however, I made my own adjustments to the seat, handlebars and tire pressure after I got the bicycle home. One of the things that I didn't like about the Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser was that it uses metric allen bolts for the seat clamp and handlebar clamp. I have a full set of English allen keys at home that were able to do the job, but the factory should have sent the correct metric allen keys as a part of the assembly package. I would recommend that anyone who buys this bike from Walmart insist upon having the correct seat and handlebar adjustments made by the Walmart assemblers before bringing the bike home if they don't have a complete set of allen keys at home.

Once I filled the tires to the correct air pressure and my seat and handlebars were properly adjusted for my height, I took the Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser out for a two mile ride. Oh, what a thrill! I know I probably look like an old lady in this retro bike style, but I can sit up straight with this bicycle, which is much more comfortable for my lower back and arms than riding a mountain bike has been. This was one of the other selling points of the Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser for me. And I don't have to worry about getting skunked with dirty water when I ride through a puddle on the road because the fenders protect my clothing. The third gear is very comfortable for me on a level road given that I haven't ridden a bicycle in nearly ten years now, and downshifting to first gear gave me the ability to climb the hills in my neighborhood without stopping. Overall, I'm very happy with the Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser. The Schwinn has everything that I was looking for in a new bicycle.