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Schwinn Digital Speedometer, Odometer And More

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The Schwinn 12 Function Cycle Computer is a $10 digital 1) speedometer that can register speeds between 0 and 99.9 mph or kmph, 2) tripmeter that will display the total trip distance up to 99.9 miles or kilometers, 3) odometer that will display the total distance traveled on the bicycle up to 9999.9 miles or kilometers, 4) trip timer that will display the actual time spent riding, but not any of the wheel stops and pauses along the way, 5) display of the maximum speed ever reached on the bicycle, 6) display of the average speed of the current trip, 7) clock that will display in 12 hour or 24 hour time increments, 8) a speed comparison indicator that will indicate if you are traveling slower or faster than your average speed, 9) and a speed tendency symbol that will indicate if you're accelerating or decelerating, but if you need a little digital computer to tell you that, then you're obviously not riding the bicycle. The Schwinn 12 Function Cycle Computer also has a scan function, a freeze frame memory, and an odometer reset function.

This little gizmo has actually been a lot of fun for me to have on my bicycle. The installation wasn't hard and took me less than 15 minutes to set up. A small magnet clips onto the spokes of my front tire near the hub, and it passes within a millimeter of the sensor device that is strapped onto my front fork by a couple of plastic zip ties. A wire leads up to my handlebars from the sensor device, and the digital computer clips into the holder that is attached to my handlebars by another pair of plastic zip ties. And that's really all there was to the installation. Then I just had to program the tire size and current time into the computer to finish the set-up. The Schwinn 12 Function Cycle Computer turns itself on whenever I put my bicycle into motion, and it turns itself off if the wheels haven't moved for five minutes. I can see at a glance just how fast I'm traveling, and with the click of a button, just how far and how long I've traveled. And I like the odometer function that records just how many miles I've actually ridden on my bike so far. For $10, the Schwinn 12 Function Cycle Computer was really worth it.