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Science Diet Sensitive Stomach Dog Food

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About a year-and-a-half ago, our two retired greyhounds developed some digestive "issues". Let's just say that things were not as "solid" as we would have preferred. After a trip to the vet's office, we ruled out any type of illness, and were told that they were probably just having a negative reaction to their diet. We were recommended a bland diet of chicken and rice for the immediate future, followed by a diet of prescription food which was only available from the vet's office, and which cost about twice the amount of a normal bag of dog food. Wanting to do the best for our dogs, though, we followed this plan.

For the next couple of months, the dogs were doing great. However, after dealing with a couple of issues where the vet's office forgot to order our food, and just the pure cost involved with feeding two dogs a purely prescription diet, we decided that we needed a change.

We compared the ingredients of the prescription food against many of the different dog foods at the pet store, and found that the "Science Diet - Sensitive Stomach" food was nearly identical to the prescription food that cost twice as much. We decided to try it.

Fortunately, our dogs loved the taste of it, and their digestive systems had no reaction to it at all. Over a "solid" year later, we're still feeding this to them two times a day, and they continue to have no further digestive problems.

If you have similar issues with your dog, and your vet gives you a prescription for a special food, be sure to check out "Science Diet - Sensitive Stomach". You may be able to save yourself a considerable amount of money.