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Scientia Derma Roller Collagen Induction Therapy

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Derma Roller

For those of you who have never heard of this particular form of skin care treatment(Skin Needling) it may sound like a horrible torture device. It is also referred to collagen induction therapy & derma rolling. I assure that it is not a procedure to fear or shy away from.

It has medically proven results to help with a variety of skin conditions & concerns such as:

-Wrinkle Reduction

-Skin discoloration / Melasma

-Scaring such as pitted or indented scars.

-Acne scaring

Stretch Marks

The procedure of Micro-Needling:

The process is done with a roller device that is covered with numerous tiny needles. Needles penetrate the upper layers of the skin to a depth of up to 2mm. The depth depends of the type of roller & length of needles. You can buy rollers with short needles for a less aggressive application & once you are acclimated or want more results you can get rollers with longer needle lengths.

What it does for your skin:

Micro-Needling causes microscopic damage to the skin. The same way medical office/spa procedures do. Such as microdermabrasion, lasers & facial peels. They all cause minor damage to the skin. Inflicting microscopic damage causes your skin, cells & collagen to go into a natural repair mode. This is what makes damaged skin after a peel, etc come back looking fresher. It also starts the natural process of rebuilding collagen in the skin. Which reduces or eliminates wrinkles and in my case collagen rebuilding helped raise my indented scars on my forehead.

Another benefit is that the microscopic holes that are put into your skin allow any skin care product, lotion or serum work more affectively because it's penetrating farther into your skin.

How To Use:

You roll the roller across your skin in and up & down motion and then criss cross the opposite direction. The amount of pressure applied is entirely up to your comfort level. And I know from experience your tolerance for any discomfort does go up with continued use which allows you to apply more pressure.

I initially stumbled upon this procedure when I was online searching for skin treatment options for indented scars. I had two scars on my forehead that were a bit sunken into the skin and made the appearance on my skin bumpy. I also suffer from mild melasma which is patchy skin discoloration usually due to hormone in balance & sun exposure. Melasma is often times called the pregnancy mask because women tend to get it during pregnancy when their hormones are changing. It basically causes certain areas of the skin to become darker than the rest almost like one spot is sun tanned and the rest is not.

After reading reviews & watching videos online I decided to buy the roller and try it for myself. I was on a budget and could not afford to go in for any type of laser procedure for my skin problems, so this was a much more affordable option to try.

My Experience:

The first few times I used the derma roller it was a tad uncomfortable, but certainly not unbearable. After awhile I became more accustomed to it and it became quite pain free & easy. After each use my face is a flushed pink color like I had been out in the sun and usually goes away in an hour or so.

It took about a month of use to actually start to see results. Which I expected as the instructions with the roller stated it takes time to see effects and that there is improvement that continues weeks even months after your done skin needling. It has been 6 months since I started and I am happy to say that my embarrassing indented scars have been raised to be more flush with the rest of my skin. I'd say they are about 90% improved. I can also tell that my other skin care products are working better since I started using the roller.