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Scorpions: 'Blackout'

Reviewing: Mercury Records 1982  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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The Scorpions ‘Black Out' album was a very powerful rock release. The title track was first (3:47) and very raw for this 1982 rock classic. My lady says this was the year we met, and I guess she is right. I was cruising-the-gut that year, blasting this excellent piece all through town. The breaking glass at the end of this one is the clincher.

‘Can't Live Without You' (3:46) was my favorite song back then, and we sure liked to rock out together in my 1970 Plymouth Duster. We played this a lot, and it was very exciting. Many evenings were spent together cruising the back roads and the hills along the Blue Mountains. This was a grade A song.

‘No One like You' (3:56) was an excellent love song. Within the lyrics of this deep intoxicating riff are the words: "I can't wait for the nights with you". These were the words of love. This is an excellent necking song. Experience with this one leads me to rank it very high!

‘You Give me All I Need' (3:38) is another love song. It is a powerful rocker with the drum beat's matching my heart beat within my chest. I love the drawn out guitar solo that sings for you, as if it was wounded by love. I dig the vocals here as well. I would say that I can not pick a very best song from these titles. It is probably the Scorpions best album ever!

‘Now' (2:33) is a fantastic screamer that Klause Meine could belch out like a pro. He was probably the best screamer of this era, next to Rob Halford of Judas Priest. I love this short and powerful lick. This one was awesome as well.

A very powerful title that I suggest might be their best is ‘Dynamite' (4:12). This one is exceptionally great. The guitar is cranking out the most rhythmic music that I have heard this week. I love listening to these old classic blasters from my youth. Today I heard a Scorpions song from this album on the radio. These guys will never die.

This next song that is coming on right now is a pick-me-upper. I have never been to ‘Arizona' (3:52), and I plan to go the in the fall of 2012. Ok, I guess I will rank this the #1 from this release. It gives me goose bumps, just like it always does. I dig this one all the way to my grave, if this old rocker ever dies. I am in love with this bass packed thriller. I will listen to this one again, stop for a break, and get back to you in a moment.

My smoke break left me thinking about the Hopi Indians. It is my life long dream to visit, and dance for the Hopi Elders. I am an eagle, and my story that I plan to someday act out in a dance, has a lot to tell about my love for great rock songs such as ‘Arizona. It is a song worth playing twice, if you like the feeling, that goose bumps give. I love this one with all my heart. It is excellent!

Rudolf Schenker (Lead guitar and vocals), Francis Buchholz (Bass), and Herman Rarebell (Drums), back the most awesome vocals in ‘China White' (6:56). This fantastic party song is a very uplifting song for the rebel of the day and it reminds me of my defiant quest to be free. I love what the rhythm of Rock-N-Roll can do to a mans soul. I live to listen to these, and share my opinion with you. I think this one deserves a 100% on the test!

The final lick on this excellent release from a very awesome band is, ‘When The Smoke Is Going Down' (3:49). "Cause the place seems still alive when the smoke is going down", has to be the most awesome lyrics to ever finish an album. My smoke break just started again, so I better step out on to the porch.

I hope you can imagine the intensity of this album if you have never heard it. For $14.99, Hastings gave me a hell of a deal and some awesome memories to boot. Have fun with this one.